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XMAP215 is a processive microtubule polymerase. Brouhard GJ, Stear JH, Noetzel TL, Al-Bassam J, Kinoshita K, Harrison SC, Howard J, Hyman AA. Cell. 2008 Jan 11;132(1):79-88.

The endosomal protein Appl1 mediates Akt substrate specificity and cell survival in vertebrate development. Schenck A, Goto-Silva L, Collinet C, Rhinn M, Giner A, Habermann B, Brand M, Zerial M. Cell. 2008 May 2;133(3):486-97.

A protein domain-based interactome network for C. elegans early embryogenesis. Boxem M, Maliga Z, Klitgord N, Li N, Lemmens I, Mana M, de Lichtervelde L, Mul JD, van de Peut D, Devos M, Simonis N, Yildirim MA, Cokol M, Kao HL, de Smet AS, Wang H, Schlaitz AL, Hao T, Milstein S, Fan C, Tipsword M, Drew K, Galli M, Rhrissorrakrai K, Drechsel D, Koller D, Roth FP, Iakoucheva LM, Dunker AK, Bonneau R, Gunsalus KC, Hill DE, Piano F, Tavernier J, van den Heuvel S, Hyman AA, Vidal M. Cell. 2008 Aug 8;134(3):534-45.

Dbf4-dependent CDC7 kinase links DNA replication to the segregation of homologous chromosomes in meiosis I. Matos J, Lipp JJ, Bogdanova A, Guillot S, Okaz E, Junqueira M, Shevchenko A, Zachariae W. Cell. 2008 Nov 14;135(4):662-78.

Quantum-dot-assisted characterization of microtubule rotations during cargo transport. Nitzsche B, Ruhnow F, Diez S. Nat Nanotechnol. 2008 Sep;3(9):552-6.

Spatial regulators for bacterial cell division self-organize into surface waves in vitro. Loose M, Fischer-Friedrich E, Ries J, Kruse K, Schwille P. Science. 2008 May 9;320(5877):789-92.

BAC TransgeneOmics: a high-throughput method for exploration of protein function in mammals. Poser I, Sarov M, Hutchins JR, Hériché JK, Toyoda Y, Pozniakovsky A, Weigl D, Nitzsche A, Hegemann B, Bird AW, Pelletier L, Kittler R, Hua S, Naumann R, Augsburg M, Sykora MM, Hofemeister H, Zhang Y, Nasmyth K, White KP, Dietzel S, Mechtler K, Durbin R, Stewart AF, Peters JM, Buchholz F, Hyman AA. Nat Methods. 2008 May;5(5):409-15.

One beta hairpin after the other: exploring mechanical unfolding pathways of the transmembrane beta-barrel protein OmpG. Sapra KT, Damaghi M, Köster S, Yildiz O, Kühlbrandt W, Muller DJ. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2009;48(44):8306-8.

Cell biology of lipid droplets. Thiele C, Spandl J. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2008 Aug;20(4):378-85.

Membrane identity and GTPase cascades regulated by toggle and cut-out switches. Del Conte-Zerial P, Brusch L, Rink JC, Collinet C, Kalaidzidis Y, Zerial M, Deutsch A. Mol Syst Biol. 2008;4:206.

Proliferation, neurogenesis and regeneration in the non-mammalian vertebrate brain. Kaslin J, Ganz J, Brand M. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2008 Jan 12;363(1489):101-22. Review. PMID: 17282988

Abnormal localization and accumulation of FLT3-ITD, a mutant receptor tyrosine kinase involved in leukemogenesis. Koch S, Jacobi A, Ryser M, Ehninger G, Thiede C. Cells Tissues Organs. 2008;188(1-2):225-35.

Quantitative differences in tissue surface tension influence zebrafish germ layer positioning. Schötz EM, Burdine RD, Jülicher F, Steinberg MS, Heisenberg CP, Foty RA. HFSP J. 2008 Feb;2(1):42-56.

Folding and assembly of proteorhodopsin. Klyszejko AL, Shastri S, Mari SA, Grubmüller H, Muller DJ, Glaubitz C. J Mol Biol. 2008 Feb 8;376(1):35-41.

SWAP-70 deficiency causes high-affinity plasma cell generation despite impaired germinal center formation. Quemeneur L, Angeli V, Chopin M, Jessberger R. Blood. 2008 Mar 1;111(5):2714-24.

Dynamics of zebrafish somitogenesis. Schröter C, Herrgen L, Cardona A, Brouhard GJ, Feldman B, Oates AC. Dev Dyn. 2008 Mar;237(3):545-53.

Nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of the Golgi phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase Pik1 is regulated by 14-3-3 proteins and coordinates Golgi function with cell growth. Demmel L, Beck M, Klose C, Schlaitz AL, Gloor Y, Hsu PP, Havlis J, Shevchenko A, Krause E, Kalaidzidis Y, Walch-Solimena C. Mol Biol Cell. 2008 Mar;19(3):1046-61.

Imaging of lipid biosynthesis: how a neutral lipid enters lipid droplets. Kuerschner L, Moessinger C, Thiele C. Traffic. 2008 Mar;9(3):338-52.

ICA69 is a novel Rab2 effector regulating ER-Golgi trafficking in insulinoma cells. Buffa L, Fuchs E, Pietropaolo M, Barr F, Solimena M. Eur J Cell Biol. 2008 Apr;87(4):197-209.

BCR/ABL expression of myeloid progenitors increases beta1-integrin mediated adhesion to stromal cells. Fierro FA, Taubenberger A, Puech PH, Ehninger G, Bornhauser M, Muller DJ, Illmer T. J Mol Biol. 2008 Apr 4;377(4):1082-93.

Role of ceramide in membrane protein organization investigated by combined AFM and FCS. Chiantia S, Ries J, Chwastek G, Carrer D, Li Z, Bittman R, Schwille P. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2008 May;1778(5):1356-64.

Cellular dynamics of Ku: characterization and purification of Ku-eGFP. Merkle D, Zheng D, Ohrt T, Crell K, Schwille P. Chembiochem. 2008 May 23;9(8):1251-9.

From valleys to ridges: exploring the dynamic energy landscape of single membrane proteins. Janovjak H, Sapra KT, Kedrov A, Müller DJ. Chemphyschem. 2008 May 16;9(7):954-66. Review.

An intermediate step in the evolution of ATPases: a hybrid F(0)-V(0) rotor in a bacterial Na(+) F(1)F(0) ATP synthase. Fritz M, Klyszejko AL, Morgner N, Vonck J, Brutschy B, Muller DJ, Meier T, Müller V. FEBS J. 2008 May;275(9):1999-2007.

Pancreas islets in metabolic signaling--focus on the beta-cell. Suckale J, Solimena M. Front Biosci. 2008 May 1;13:7156-71. Review.

The c13 ring from a thermoalkaliphilic ATP synthase reveals an extended diameter due to a special structural region. Matthies D, Preiss L, Klyszejko AL, Muller DJ, Cook GM, Vonck J, Meier T. J Mol Biol. 2009 May 8;388(3):611-8.

The clathrin adaptor Gga2p is a phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate effector at the Golgi exit. Demmel L, Gravert M, Ercan E, Habermann B, Müller-Reichert T, Kukhtina V, Haucke V, Baust T, Sohrmann M, Kalaidzidis Y, Klose C, Beck M, Peter M, Walch-Solimena C. Mol Biol Cell. 2008 May;19(5):1991-2002.

LET-767 is required for the production of branched chain and long chain fatty acids in Caenorhabditis elegans. Entchev EV, Schwudke D, Zagoriy V, Matyash V, Bogdanova A, Habermann B, Zhu L, Shevchenko A, Kurzchalia TV. J Biol Chem. 2008 Jun 20;283(25):17550-60.

siRNA modifications and sub-cellular localization: a question of intracellular transport? Ohrt T, Schwille P. Curr Pharm Des. 2008;14(34):3674-85. Review.

Islet dynamics: a glimpse at beta cell proliferation. Yesil P, Lammert E. Histol Histopathol. 2008 Jul;23(7):883-95. Review.

Regulation of endosome dynamics by Rab5 and Huntingtin-HAP40 effector complex in physiological versus pathological conditions. Pal A, Severin F, Höpfner S, Zerial M. Methods Enzymol. 2008;438:239-57.

Toll-like receptors in endocrine disease and diabetes. Kanczkowski W, Ziegler CG, Zacharowski K, Bornstein SR. Neuroimmunomodulation. 2008;15(1):54-60.

Plasma membranes are poised for activation of raft phase coalescence at physiological temperature. Lingwood D, Ries J, Schwille P, Simons K. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Jul 22;105(29):10005-10.

Lpp is involved in Wnt/PCP signaling and acts together with Scrib to mediate convergence and extension movements during zebrafish gastrulation. Vervenne HB, Crombez KR, Lambaerts K, Carvalho L, Köppen M, Heisenberg CP, Van de Ven WJ, Petit MM. Dev Biol. 2008 Aug 1;320(1):267-77.

Separating the wheat from the chaff: unbiased filtering of background tandem mass spectra improves protein identification. Junqueira M, Spirin V, Santana Balbuena T, Waridel P, Surendranath V, Kryukov G, Adzhubei I, Thomas H, Sunyaev S, Shevchenko A. J Proteome Res. 2008 Aug;7(8):3382-95.

Protein identification pipeline for the homology-driven proteomics. Junqueira M, Spirin V, Balbuena TS, Thomas H, Adzhubei I, Sunyaev S, Shevchenko A. J Proteomics. 2008 Aug 21;71(3):346-56.

Transducer binding establishes localized interactions to tune sensory rhodopsin II. Cisneros DA, Oberbarnscheidt L, Pannier A, Klare JP, Helenius J, Engelhard M, Oesterhelt F, Muller DJ. Structure. 2008 Aug 6;16(8):1206-13.

The stem cell marker CD133 meets the endosomal compartment--new insights into the cell division of hematopoietic stem cells. Fonseca AV, Bauer N, Corbeil D. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2008 Sep-Oct;41(2):194-5. 

Hearing mechanics: a fly in your ear. Bechstedt S, Howard J. Curr Biol. 2008 Sep 23;18(18):R869-70.

Proteomic profiling of beta-cells using a classical approach - two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. Süss C, Solimena M. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 2008 Sep;116 Suppl 1:S13-20. Review.

Making bigger brains-the evolution of neural-progenitor-cell division. Fish JL, Dehay C, Kennedy H, Huttner WB. J Cell Sci. 2008 Sep 1;121(Pt 17):2783-93. Review.

Setting up roadblocks for kinesin-1: mechanism for the selective speed control of cargo carrying microtubules. Korten T, Diez S. Lab Chip. 2008 Sep;8(9):1441-7.

Optical trapping of coated microspheres. Bormuth V, Jannasch A, Ander M, van Kats CM, van Blaaderen A, Howard J, Schäffer E. Opt Express. 2008 Sep 1;16(18):13831-44.

mRNA transfection of CXCR4-GFP fusion--simply generated by PCR-results in efficient migration of primary human mesenchymal stem cells. Ryser MF, Ugarte F, Thieme S, Bornhäuser M, Roesen-Wolff A, Brenner S. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2008 Sep;14(3):179-84.

Osteoclasts control osteoblast chemotaxis via PDGF-BB/PDGF receptor beta signaling. Sanchez-Fernandez MA, Gallois A, Riedl T, Jurdic P, Hoflack B. PLoS One. Oct 2008;3(10):e3537.

Facts from text: can text mining help to scale-up high-quality manual curation of gene products with ontologies? Winnenburg R, Wächter T, Plake C, Doms A, Schroeder M. Brief Bioinform. 2008 Nov;9(6):466-78. Review.

Novel insights into the flexibility of cell and positional identity during urodele limb regeneration. Kragl M, Knapp D, Nacu E, Khattak S, Schnapp E, Epperlein HH, Tanaka EM. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 2008;73:583-92. Review.

Chromatin Central: towards the comparative proteome by accurate mapping of the yeast proteomic environment. Shevchenko A, Roguev A, Schaft D, Buchanan L, Habermann B, Sakalar C, Thomas H, Krogan NJ, Shevchenko A, Stewart AF. Genome Biol. 2008;9(11):R167.

The stem cell marker CD133 (Prominin-1) is expressed in various human glandular epithelia. Karbanová J, Missol-Kolka E, Fonseca AV, Lorra C, Janich P, Hollerová H, Jászai J, Ehrmann J, Kolár Z, Liebers C, Arl S, Subrtová D, Freund D, Mokry J, Huttner WB, Corbeil D. J Histochem Cytochem. 2008 Nov;56(11):977-93.

siRNA screening reveals JNK2 as an evolutionary conserved regulator of triglyceride homeostasis. Grimard V, Massier J, Richter D, Schwudke D, Kalaidzidis Y, Fava E, Hermetter A, Thiele C. J Lipid Res. 2008 Nov;49(11):2427-40.

S1P(1) overexpression stimulates S1P-dependent chemotaxis of human CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells but strongly inhibits SDF-1/CXCR4-dependent migration and in vivo homing. Ryser MF, Ugarte F, Lehmann R, Bornhäuser M, Brenner S. Mol Immunol. 2008 Nov;46(1):166-71.

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy reveal the cytoplasmic origination of loaded nuclear RISC in vivo in human cells. Ohrt T, Mütze J, Staroske W, Weinmann L, Höck J, Crell K, Meister G, Schwille P. Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Nov;36(20):6439-49.

Characterization of protein dynamics in asymmetric cell division by scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Petrásek Z, Hoege C, Mashaghi A, Ohrt T, Hyman AA, Schwille P. Biophys J. 2008 Dec;95(11):5476-86.

Secondary structure and compliance of a predicted flexible domain in kinesin-1 necessary for cooperation of motors. Crevenna AH, Madathil S, Cohen DN, Wagenbach M, Fahmy K, Howard J. Biophys J. 2008 Dec;95(11):5216-27. Epub 2008 Sep 5.

New insights into the cell biology of hematopoietic progenitors by studying prominin-1 (CD133). Bauer N, Fonseca AV, Florek M, Freund D, Jászai J, Bornhäuser M, Fargeas CA, Corbeil D. Cells Tissues Organs. 2008;188(1-2):127-38. Review.

miRNAs are essential for survival and differentiation of newborn neurons but not for expansion of neural progenitors during early neurogenesis in the mouse embryonic neocortex. De Pietri Tonelli D, Pulvers JN, Haffner C, Murchison EP, Hannon GJ, Huttner WB. Development. 2008 Dec;135(23):3911-21.

Cytokinesis of neuroepithelial cells can divide their basal process before anaphase. Kosodo Y, Toida K, Dubreuil V, Alexandre P, Schenk J, Kiyokage E, Attardo A, Mora-Bermúdez F, Arii T, Clarke JD, Huttner WB. EMBO J. 2008 Dec 3;27(23):3151-63.