Publications 2004

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Average IF: 8.11

Top Ten Publications 2004

An endoribonuclease-prepared siRNA screen in human cells identifies genes essential for cell division. Kittler R, Putz G, Pelletier L, Poser I, Heninger AK, Drechsel D, Fischer S, Konstantinova I, Habermann B, Grabner H, Yaspo ML, Himmelbauer H, Korn B, Neugebauer K, Pisabarro MT, Buchholz F. Nature. 2004 Dec 23;432(7020):1036-40.

The Rab5 effector Rabankyrin-5 regulates and coordinates different endocytic mechanisms. Schnatwinkel C, Christoforidis S, Lindsay MR, Uttenweiler-Joseph S, Wilm M, Parton RG, Zerial M. PLoS Biol. 2004 Sep;2(9):E261.

Membrane traffic during embryonic development: epithelial formation, cell fate decisions and differentiation. Dudu V, Pantazis P, González-Gaitán M. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2004 Aug;16(4):407-14. Review.

Nuclear translocation of an ICA512 cytosolic fragment couples granule exocytosis and insulin expression in {beta}-cells. Trajkovski M, Mziaut H, Altkrüger A, Ouwendijk J, Knoch KP, Müller S, Solimena M. J Cell Biol. 2004 Dec 20;167(6):1063-74.

Inhibition of kinesin motility by ADP and phosphate supports a hand-over-hand mechanism. Schief WR, Clark RH, Crevenna AH, Howard J. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Feb 3;101(5):1183-8.

Neurons arise in the basal neuroepithelium of the early mammalian telencephalon: a major site of neurogenesis. Haubensak W, Attardo A, Denk W, Huttner WB. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Mar 2;101(9):3196-201.

Generation of single and double knockdowns in polarized epithelial cells by retrovirus-mediated RNA interference. Schuck S, Manninen A, Honsho M, Füllekrug J, Simons K. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Apr 6;101(14):4912-7.

Molecular profiling reveals synaptic release machinery in Merkel cells. Haeberle H, Fujiwara M, Chuang J, Medina MM, Panditrao MV, Bechstedt S, Howard J, Lumpkin EA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Oct 5;101(40):14503-8.

Hypothesis: a helix of ankyrin repeats of the NOMPC-TRP ion channel is the gating spring of mechanoreceptors. Howard J, Bechstedt S. Curr Biol. 2004 Mar 23;14(6):R224-6.

The Caenorhabditis elegans centrosomal protein SPD-2 is required for both pericentriolar material recruitment and centriole duplication. Pelletier L, Ozlü N, Hannak E, Cowan C, Habermann B, Ruer M, Müller-Reichert T, Hyman AA. Curr Biol. 2004 May 25;14(10):863-73.

Spo13 facilitates monopolin recruitment to kinetochores and regulates maintenance of centromeric cohesion during yeast meiosis. Katis VL, Matos J, Mori S, Shirahige K, Zachariae W, Nasmyth K. Curr Biol. 2004 Dec 29;14(24):2183-96.

Electrophysiological properties of human mesenchymal stem cells. Heubach JF, Graf EM, Leutheuser J, Bock M, Balana B, Zahanich I, Christ T, Boxberger S, Wettwer E, Ravens U. J Physiol. 2004 Feb 1;554(Pt 3):659-72.

A comparative analysis of an orthologous proteomic environment in the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Roguev A, Shevchenko A, Schaft D, Thomas H, Stewart AF, Shevchenko A. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2004 Feb;3(2):125-32.

Tissue-specific RNA interference in post-implantation mouse embryos using directional electroporation and whole embryo culture. Calegari F, Marzesco AM, Kittler R, Buchholz F, Huttner WB. Differentiation. 2004 Mar;72(2-3):92-102. Review.

A reliable lacZ expression reporter cassette for multipurpose, knockout-first alleles. Testa G, Schaft J, van der Hoeven F, Glaser S, Anastassiadis K, Zhang Y, Hermann T, Stremmel W, Stewart AF. Genesis. 2004 Mar;38(3):151-8.

Alternative approaches for efficient inhibition of hepatitis C virus RNA replication by small interfering RNAs. Krönke J, Kittler R, Buchholz F, Windisch MP, Pietschmann T, Bartenschlager R, Frese M. J Virol. 2004 Apr;78(7):3436-46.

O-glycosylation as a sorting determinant for cell surface delivery in yeast.

Proszynski TJ, Simons K, Bagnat M. Mol Biol Cell. 2004 Apr;15(4):1533-43.

Swm1/Apc13 is an evolutionarily conserved subunit of the anaphase-promoting complex stabilizing the association of Cdc16 and Cdc27. Schwickart M, Havlis J, Habermann B, Bogdanova A, Camasses A, Oelschlaegel T, Shevchenko A, Zachariae W. Mol Cell Biol. 2004 Apr;24(8):3562-76.

Curr Biol. 2004 May 25;14(10):863-73. Erratum in: Curr Biol. 2006 Jun 20;16(12):1255.

The effect of raft lipid depletion on microvilli formation in MDCK cells, visualized by atomic force microscopy. Poole K, Meder D, Simons K, Müller D. FEBS Lett. 2004 May 7;565(1-3):53-8.

Probing the energy landscape of the membrane protein bacteriorhodopsin.

Janovjak H, Struckmeier J, Hubain M, Kedrov A, Kessler M, Müller DJ. Structure. 2004 May;12(5):871-9.

Plasticity and reprogramming of differentiated cells in amphibian regeneration: partial purification of a serum factor that triggers cell cycle re-entry in differentiated muscle cells. Straube WL, Brockes JP, Drechsel DN, Tanaka EM.

Cloning Stem Cells. 2004;6(4):333-44.

Controlled unfolding and refolding of a single sodium-proton antiporter using atomic force microscopy. Kedrov A, Ziegler C, Janovjak H, Kühlbrandt W, Müller DJ. J Mol Biol. 2004 Jul 23;340(5):1143-52.

Puumala virus nucleocapsid protein expressed in transgenic plants is not immunogenic after oral administration. Khattak S, Darai G, Rösen-Wolff A.

Virus Genes. 2004 Aug;29(1):109-16.

Enhanced photosynthesis and redox energy production contribute to salinity tolerance in Dunaliella as revealed by homology-based proteomics. Liska AJ, Shevchenko A, Pick U, Katz A. Plant Physiol. 2004 Sep;136(1):2806-17.

Homology-based functional proteomics by mass spectrometry: application to the Xenopus microtubule-associated proteome. Liska AJ, Popov AV, Sunyaev S, Coughlin P, Habermann B, Shevchenko A, Bork P, Karsenti E, Shevchenko A.

Proteomics. 2004 Sep;4(9):2707-21.

Microvascular development: learning from pancreatic islets. Konstantinova I, Lammert E. Bioessays. 2004 Oct;26(10):1069-75. Review.

Haeberle H, Fujiwara M, Chuang J, Medina MM, Panditrao MV, Bechstedt S, Howard J, Lumpkin EA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Oct 5;101(40):14503-8.

Polarized sorting in epithelial cells: raft clustering and the biogenesis of the apical membrane. Schuck S, Simons K. J Cell Sci. 2004 Dec 1;117(Pt 25):5955-64. Review.